Fédération Internationale des Archives de Télévision / The International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) is the World’s leading professional association for those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of broadcast AV archives. Founded in 1977, more than 250 members have joined our organisation that promotes co-operation amongst radio and television archives, multimedia and audiovisual archives and libraries, and all those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of moving image and recorded sound materials and associated documentation.

FIAT/IFTA’ s main objectives are to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience between its members, to promote the study of any topic relevant to the development and valorisation of audiovisual archives and to establish international standards on key issues regarding all aspects of audiovisual media management.

Each year, FIAT/IFTA organises a World Conference in different locations in the world, as well as international seminars and local and regional meetings. 

The Media Management Commission organises a series of bi-annual media management seminars entitled "Changing Sceneries,Changing Roles" focusing on media management, metadata, new emerging technologies and changing skillsets.